Destiny is a journey that you don't have to take alone.

welcome to a sacred space to grow.

It’s safe to dream here, to reflect, and to ask for directions knowing there are absolutely no strings or judgements attached.

Are you looking for a place where it is safe to be vulnerable, and to unleash your truest self through your entrepreneurial endeavors?

Do you long for the advice and the really honest truth through the lense of love from someone who has weathered the rough terrain of pushing out of a dark past into a brighter future?

Do you need someone with the mind of a business strategist and futuristic insight who can point you to the way, the truth, and a truly fulfilling business and life?

I’m Jenn, and I help spiritual entrepreneurs bridge the gap between their present and their destined future.

It is my honor to come along side of amazing people like yourself who need someone in their corner to help them strategically and spiritually navigate their way to fulfill their entrepreneurial calling.

I am a expert website developer and experienced online marketer and business strategist.

But that’s not all.

I also have heightened spiritual insights and giftings that help me see the divine treasure in others, and bring it into reality.

I have created resources that help people just like you to see their callings and entrepreneurial desires become a reality using both spiritual principles and practical steps. My goal is to help people to find their destiny and the strategies that they need to see their dreams fulfilled.

Meet me at the intersection of the spirit and strategy, where dreams really do come true.

One on one coaching