Some say our world is experiencing a reset or fresh start – I say it’s a reformation; the start of something totally new.

Looking at the shaking going on around us, it is evident that the rules are changing across nearly every area of life. Within this shift there is a clarion call for revolutionary thinkers to rise out of obscurity and enter into the spheres that they have been called to – and to do so in a new and fresh way.

We have experienced a huge ‘plot twist’ in everyday life and dare I say folks – we are not going back to life as usual.

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Times like these call for people who are not afraid to go against the grain, because every great change in history has started with one person who has dared to say to the crowd – “Let’s go in a different direction.”

There has never been such a strong call to be a “rule breaker” as their is now.

The world needs your fresh perspective and challenging thoughts – in every arena.

Most have been told that it is wrong to question the establishment, that it is somehow ‘ungodly’ to question anyone who seems to have authority.

Yet traditional institutions have in many ways failed us- business, church, and family life is floundering. Many who have been following the ‘system’ are now left with facing the reality that what once seemed so stable is actually like sinking sand …

and not a single area of your life or any establishment that you are connected to is exempt from this shaking – not your home life, not your church, not your job, and not your business.

In the past six weeks most have gone from their weekly meetings, day to day commutes, and normal grocery shopping to being a toilet paper hunters who are locked inside their home because they were told to be afraid.

My friends I’m here to say that I see the future, and there is a silver lining to all of this frenzy.

Right now there is a higher call for you to step up and push into being your best and most authentic you – a call to push beyond the boundaries and rules of the past. You are actually being called to make rapid progress into the future right now.

Even I myself am entering head first into this shifting – sharing on subjects that will empower you to take the unique path that has been set before you and covering strategies in every area – spiritual, personal growth, money, family dynamics and more.

I will challenge you to think for yourself, and at times be controversial.

My call is to tear down walls, show you how to find your path, light your rear on fire, and watch you run!

As Kim Clement used to say -“You’re somewhere in the future, and you look much better than you did right now!”