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Online Courses and Memberships for Spiritual Entreprenuers

Dive deeper into your destiny and see it become a reality through one of my online courses or memberships. You will find I cover a variety of topics including business strategy, creating digital products, mindset mastery, spiritual freedom, meditation, and more. The scope of my teachings are designed to bring you into wholeness and abundance as you implement what is necessary to bring your divine ideas into reality.

WordPress Websites Made Simple Masterclass

Need a simplified approach to building an effective and functional WordPress website?

This is the masterclass for you.

In this class I bring the same simple step by step instructions and streamlined strategies to you that I have used to build websites for clients since 2013.

Cut through the crud and avoid common costly mistakes by accessing my secret simplified approach that will have your website up and running in 7 days or less.

Religious Detox

 When you come from a spiritual background that places emphasis on performance and rules it can be difficult to navigate the way to living a happy and fulfilled life.

This class will guide you into a personal journey to find the truth about your mercy filled relationship with God through the love of Christ, while helping to peel back the layers of expectations, rules, and traumatic religious experiences that have kept you from moving forward into your calling.

Spirit + Strategy Membership

It’s like the coffee shop and the mountain top all wrapped into one. This unique membership gives you access to spiritual content and practical strategies for you to implement both in your personal and business life. I cover a variety of topics and activations like building your online business presence, meditation, mindset, relationships and more.

Plus you get to meet running buddies and experience an amazing level of support and synergy as we all interact.