The Lord revealed to me last night some instructions for the current season that many in the body are in. Many Prophets are declaring what heaven is saying right now which is that heaven is making mantles available for the people of God. It is a very exciting time for the body of Christ as we begin to seek the Lord and receive what he has for us.

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I had a dream last night where I saw the place where mantles were being chosen. That’s right – we serve a God that gives us choice. In this dream there were many pieces of clothing, all sizes and types. I was looking through baby clothes and trying to find the valuable ones, when I came across a brand that I did not recognize, so I just passed over it. There was an angel next to me who then told me that the brand was a very expensive one, and that just because it was not well known among the masses (or that I had never heard of it before) that it did not mean that it was not valuable. It in fact was highly valuable, that this particular brand of clothing was hand made. I then began to look for more of these type of baby clothes.

Then in the dream, someone brought to me some long floor length sleeveless vests. One of them had cheetah print and the other had a green jungle print. At first glance I really liked them, they were made for women, and were very different. By nature I like things that are different, so they appealed to me. Then once the person saw that I liked them, they then came with a friend and they brought me another piece of clothing. This one was very strange, it was like a blanket but it had a hole cut out for your face. It was something you would wear while sleeping. It would cover your entire body (including your ears) while you lay down and sleep. It immediately made me think of vampires in my dream for some reason, and then I took a second look at the previous two vests and saw that they held properties of darkness in them, and I decided not to take them after all.

When I woke up the Holy Spirit began to reveal this valuable instruction to me about the dream:

First I want to say that when referring to a ‘mantle’ in this dream, I am also referring to the person who may be imparting the mantle (the leaders that people are learning from or sitting under) or giftings/anointings to people, or the way that the mantles are being used.

Wherever God is, there is choice. There was choice in the Garden of Eden. Why? Because when there is no choice, there is no freedom. The inability to choose creates bondage. So even in this season of the releasing of mantles we have a choice. The enemy will be present with mantles of darkness. These mantles will be available in the same space as the holy and pure mantles of the Lord. They will also have supernatural abilities. Do not think that just because a mantle is being offered in a particular setting, that it is a mantle of Gods light. You need to inquire of the Lord about a mantle before you take it as your own.

In the dream, it was the mantle of a child (representing innocence, purity, humbleness, often seen by the world as insignificant, or unable to do things on your own, powerless) that was hand made that was the most valuable. When something is hand made it is not created in a factory setting. The most valuable anointing is not one that you will gain by going through an ‘assembly line process’. People love the idea of knowing that they can follow a man made blueprint to achieve what someone else has, but God is showing us in this dream that the most valuable mantles are the ones that were hand made just for you. Think of the attention to detail and the passion that is poured into a mantle that was handmade just for you! Think of how well it would fit you! Be like David, refuse to wear someone else’s mantle just because it is what you feel pressured to do.

Be aware that the adult clothing that in the end I rejected because of the darkness it carried has it’s own interpretation: it was adult clothing in contrast to the baby clothing, and the vest did not fully cover one’s body (leaving parts of the body bare or vulnerable) while the other blanket covered the body too much and restricted movement and also the ability to hear (as it was designed to cover one’s ears). The blanket garment also would be worn while someone is sleeping (not alert).

There are so many meanings in this dream, it was rich with revelation. The bottom line is, that in this time we must not choose mantles on what we think they are at first appearances. Just like in all things, we need the Lord to guide us in choosing the right one, created just for us. We need to remain child like and pure, making sure that our motives are only to have what the Father created for us. We should really carefully think about what it is that we are choosing, and investigate it thoroughly before we decide to take it as our own.