I released a word that the Lord gave to me about a NEW SOUND, and I just really feel the need to explain what I am sensing in the Spirit about that. I know that it is common in the body of Christ for us to have these Christian catch phrases, and so I just really want to paint a picture and go a bit deeper into this revelation that was placed in my hands.

This NEW SOUND is a bringing together – a bridge in the gap between two areas that normally have not converged, it goes completely against the way that most men/women and religion has done things in the past. It looks a little something like this – God’s Glory showing up in corporate boardroom meetings. There will be a temptation for some who have been in ministry as usual for them to try to discredit and hold envy in their hearts against this new move of God, but for those who nurture it rather than be envious of it, you will reap NEW REWARDS.

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This NEW SOUND will become a NEW MOVEMENT and it will fill in the gap that has been created between the church and culture but it will NOT COMPROMISE COVENANT. Many have tried in their own strength to do this, but the Lord says it will only be done by His Spirit, not by the might of men! This movement will take place in the daily walk of the men and women of God – it will not be something planned by flesh. There will be no confusion and the Glory of this movement will belong to God and God alone!

There were forerunners in this movement, those who have already begun to plow the ground in these areas, and the Lord will begin to bring you the help that you have cried out for, and also the spiritual family who will support you and learn from you in these times. Many of you have felt so alone, and often at times even wondered if you were going down the right path, but you have been digging that well for a long time and now the Lord shall IT SHALL BE FILLED!

Photo by Jonas Verstuyft on Unsplash