The Lord showed me in a vision last night that He is removing the scum from the top of religious systems and other systems as well (political, educational. media etc.). He will be physically removing the filth at the top that has been in the way of purity as well as specific individuals who have been in the way of the individuals who are pure. He is removing filthy ‘coverings’.

In the vision I saw three layers in a pot, I saw the top ‘cream of the crop’ layer being removed and the second layer was glad because now it meant they could be seen, but what they didn’t know that is while they (the second layer) were more pure than the top layer, they were not the purest.

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It was as if they did not realize that there was a deeper level that was even more pure and hidden. The second layer had been supporting the top layer, and trying to maintain a level of purity, yet still underestimating or refusing to acknowledge the bottom purest layer. The Lord will allow the 2nd layer to remain on top, exposed and seen for a time, until it is time for the purest to be revealed. I believe the Lord will allow them a time for repentance for it is not His will that any should suffer.