The prophetic bulletin is a compilation of what I am sensing in the Spirit and what the Lord has been showing me over the past few weeks or months.

A New Way to War and Walk

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You have been used to ground warfare, some even warfare from the mountaintops, but this generation has yet to engage in cross dimensional warfare, for in this season you will begin to war across dimensions as I open eyes on a new level, for in prior times you have seen men that look like trees, and you have thought it was good, but I am releasing a level of vision that you have not had, and I am releasing it not just to a select few, but I am releasing it to my Remnant.

It will not be free though, it will cost you your time and your attention. For in years past man has walked things out on the ground, while calling for help from heaven when he felt that he needed it. You must lose this mindset and live in heaven on earth. This means you must spend more time with me and watch and see how the day will come that you will accomplish more in 5 hours with me than you could in one year walking as you have in the past.

There is a time right now when I am opening up the heavens and I am pouring into my vessels who are willing to sit and be still and know that I AM GOD. I will fill them with my power and my heart so that they will be able to not only contain my power but so that my power will not destroy them, for what good is a vessel if it cannot withstand what is poured into it?

Many will attempt to use the ways of man and mix them with the ways of heaven and they will end up in utter frustration, for my ways are not the ways of man. You may build big crowds by your own hands but what is built by man is required to be held up by man and is able to be destroyed by man.

The enemy will attempt to use opportunity and busyness against you – be careful for not every good opportunity is of me, avoid the temptation to enter into your promise land by foot, for it is my desire that you fly there. Preparation is power, and I wish to deposit richness and authority into you. It is an authority that cannot be given or taken away by man.

A Pure Bride

I am coming for my bride, I am coming to her defense, and to purify her. Man will no longer prostitute my bride, only looking to her for lustful pleasures but not fully entering into covenant with her. Repentance and the Fear of the Lord will be restored to the ecclesia. Be careful to ask me to search your heart and open your eyes, woe to those who refuse to shed their pride and repent, for I will no longer tolerate unholy gain through the use of my name.

Paradigm Shift

Be open to seeing things in a new way. For many in your times of stress, I will show you a new way to see things, a new way to operate.


In the coming months you will begin to sense my desire and call upon your life to be creative in your area of influence and in your calling. My Spirit is hovering over the earth and releasing new ways to move and influence people on all playing fields, this includes creative ideas in education, business, health, ministry, and all of the ways my children express who I am. There will be new things and new ways of doing things created and unleashed by those who abide in me. My foundations will never change but my creativity in you will reveal the Kingdom to those that would not otherwise see it.