I had a dream on 7/19/18 and recently the Holy Spirit has brought the dream back to my attention. Before I go into ANY interpretation or call to intereced I first want to state a few things about myself so that in my writing the audience will truly see my heart on the matter.

  1. Prophetic dreams can be largely symbolic, and some can be very realistic. Some are a mixture of both. My dreams are not up for your personal interpretation – they are given to me by God, in my dream language and how He speaks to me. I have peers in my spiritual walk that I submit my revelations to. If you take my dream and try to make it something it is not, pervert it, or try to make it your own revelation then you are ‘touching’ what God spoke to a prophetic voice and that is not ok. May the Lord rebuke you.
  2. I hate religion. A large part of my calling to the body is to tear down religious strongholds. I love nothing more than to see God use people, and events in very unconventional ways to show His glory to all of mankind.
  3. I in no way shape or form in this post am attacking anyone, making judgements on the status of their salvation or the fruit of their walk with Christ.
  4. I really am excited to see God moving in Kanye, and among others in Hollywood. I fully encourage their continued growth in the pure gospel of our savior Jesus Christ. I love the way that church is being ‘unboxed’ and do not have any reason at this time to accuse anyone of being anything other than authentic in their conversion. I actually had another seperate dream where I went up to Kim Kardashian (more recently) and encouraged her and a group of celebrities to create ‘escapes’ for people who were wanting to get away from sex trafficking and drugs in California. I am praying that the Lord will have His full glory in the lives of all who claim him as Lord and Savior.
  5. I serve the Lord, I don’t serve man, or their opinions.

This is a dream that I had on 7/19/18. I emailed it at that time to a minister –  Apostle Dayna Milam, and more recently have shared it with a few other believers out of my concern for what is going on. Now onto the dream:

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I came upon this dream from last year while cleaning out my desk this past week. As I read it, my heart sank. I had – like so many others – been rejoicing at the recent release of Kanye’s new Jesus is King Album, and the ‘out of the box movement’ that we are witnessing – as of this moment I still am.

There are several details that were in this dream that got my attention when I re-read it last week. The blue stones on the iron cross quickly had my mind flashing to the blue color of Kayne’s album artwork. The likes on Facebook, and the iron of the cross reminded me of strength of the message (iron) he sent and how literally everyone on Facebook was ‘liking’ his album when it came out. The person who brought out the cross and that everyone was ‘liking’ was not clear – so I believe that the person in the dream is not as important as the warning of danger, or a movement that the person represented.

I DO NOT believe that pointing our fingers at a specific person at this time is fruitful, or that it honestly even matters. (That is what religion and immaturity in Christianity does – it likes to blame people instead of spirits – but the word says we do not fight against flesh and blood Eph. 6:12)

I believe that the blue stones and the likes on Facebook were something that the Lord knew would ‘trigger’ my prophetic sensors when the dream resurfaced to me at just the right time. It was a point of connecting the dream warning with the time that intercession for it was most  needed – not necessarily a statement of who is THE Anti-Christ. I will further state that I believe that there is not just one Anti-Christ, but many. (Not to say there won’t be a final one during end times) I believe that anyone who preaches, teaches anything that goes against the pure message of Christ is an Anti-Christ. (but that’s a whole other blog post) The cross in this dream was a cross of comfort, there was no pain in him hanging on it, it had special places to comfortably hold him – so I believe this Anti-Christ spirit will preach a message of ‘comfortable christianity’ that goes against what the word of God says.

When Marilyn Manson entered the dream and befriended the man it was a very clear sign to me that the enemy has every intention to hijack what is meant for the Glory of God, and use it for his own gain.

“Then in the dream I saw Marilyn Manson, he said that it was easy to get people to follow him, that people were so desperate that they would follow anyone who would make promises to them and act like they cared, even if the person was doing evil. I saw that he was attracting people who were missing eyes, missing limbs, people who were severely wounded. They loved him. He was so arrogant and he had no problem showing off to us Christians the way that people followed him.”

I believe that these people with missing eyes, limbs and severe wounds are people who have been either wounded and not cared for by the church, or they had been HURT BY RELIGION. This is probably my biggest concern out of the whole dream. Later in the dream it was revealed to me that because I, or other believers DID NOT OCCUPY the places that we were supposed to – the enemy did. These people were hurt and looking for SOMEONE WHO CARED. The church at large had failed them, so the enemy sent a counterfeit.

I believe the church with the red carpet represented religion, and the fact that they did not want water (which is representative of the Holy Spirit) anywhere in the church confirms that. So because true Spirit filled believers did not occupy the church and take the place of Religion, the enemy was able to come into the church and set up camp.

AGAIN – I believe that this dream is not necessarily saying that any specific person is the Anti-Christ. I do believe that it is saying that the enemy desires to steal the influence that is being given to certain people, and that we must pray for those that influence the masses. We must pray for a pure Gospel to be preached.

Stewarding this Revelation –

I am not one of those prophets who enjoy seeing for the sake of seeing, or being able to shout out that I saw something coming. I was given this dream by God, it is for a purpose, not so that I can boast. I FIRMLY believe that this is a warning and a call to intercession. I also believe it is a wake up call to the church.

To the church – We have LARGELY failed. We I say we, I also include myself. We have to occupy places outside of the church, and show more wisdom, discernment, and compassion in how we handle matter of this world. We have to get our heads out of how WE THINK things need to be done, and seek the Lord, then take actions.

To the intercessors – Pray that every attempt of the enemy to hijack the Glory of God would be made void. Pray for discernment in the body of Christ and that we would be good stewards of what we discern. Pray for the influencers in Hollywood, that their roots would grow deep in the Lord, and that the Lord would send people alongside of them to help them in their Christian walk.

To the religious – Including those who want to say ‘see I told you so’ – your heart is not that of Christ. You have done tremendous damage to the cause of Christ, bashing the already broken and lost world. Your rules, measuring sticks, hunger for money, and harsh hateful words to anyone who was not like you were sown into our land and now we are beginning to see the fruit of it. May the Lord himself rebuke you.

To those hurt by religion and control of man – I get it, you want someone to show you freedom, and what it looks like. You have tried what you thought was the church but it was just religion and it failed you – it at times tried to molest you (some cases physically and some spiritually), it tried to make you it’s slave, take what little you had, gave you a false narrative of what it means to follow Christ. It tried to make you build a kingdom for men, not for Christ. The best advice that I can tell you, is don’t follow any man like he is God. Not even ministers or prophets … we are human, and we often times make horrible mistakes. Follow Jesus, pray, read your word, and ask for the Holy Spirit. He will bring you the family you have longed for. Don’t use a man as your example, use Christ. I’m really sorry that you reached out for someone to follow and to bring you comfort and instead you got hurt.

Kanye, Kim, and any other celebrities – First I will be really shocked if you actually ever read this, but if you do I just want you to know that I am praying fervently for your new found life in Christ, for you families, and that you would fulfill what has been written about you in the volumes of the books about you in Heaven. Jesus loves you, and so do many of his kids like myself. Not for what you have done or are doing, but because Christ is in us, so that is who we are – Love. May the Christ in you continue to shine, and the enemy never put it out or steal it from you.