My Body My Temple is the place where I share my personal healing and health journey.

In late 2020 I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and went through a season of suffering from depression and anxiety due to a series of stressful events that began to devastatingly affect my physical health. Little did I know that it is so common for women to struggle with many of the same problems. I praise God for both deliverance from those spiritual oppressions, and for the wisdom that I received through that time about taking care of my body as well as my mind and soul.

After sorting my way through hundreds of articles, and trying out various diet changes and supplements I simply wanted to create a place where I can share what worked for me with others so that they too can find healing and wholeness in every area of their life. I pray that if you or someone you knows is suffering in their health that you find these resources and articles to be both helpful and encouraging.
(Disclaimer: I am not a physician or nutritionist, I am simply just sharing what helped me along my journey, please consult your doctor with any questions regarding diet and supplements.)