The Lord is releasing a new sound, there has been a disconnection in the Spirit that has inhibited the flow of the river of God, and the Lord said that he is releasing a NEW SOUND. A new sound, and the religious will say that this is weird, this is not how we have done it, they will feel threatened because this sound is a unifying sound, it is a sound of accountability, of HOLY accountability and it will release a fire that has never been seen before.

A pure sound, a pure sound, a circumcised sound, a covenant sound.

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This sound will connect revelation with implementation. It will bring what has been in heaven to earth, there will be no more disconnect between heaven and earth as the sound of UNITY invades the ecclesia.

How can it be that something so simple has been overlooked the religious will say. How can it be that this simple weapon is so effective in tearing down strongholds? Why couldn’t we see it before?

The Lord said I have a REMNANT – they have waited for this day, they have cried out for this day. In their crying together, they built an unbreakable bond – the built a hunger for unity, a hunger for unity – they want to work together. They know they can’t do it alone.

It is the sound of family, the sound of laughter. ‘Daddy is home!’ they say. ‘Daddy is home – and he comes with gifts!’