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Sometimes breakthrough isn’t so glamorous,

Sometimes it requires repentance.

Sometimes it requires letting go.

Sometimes you have to admit that the answer is one you just don’t know

Sometimes it means that you crucify your desires and your flesh,

Sometimes it’s a ‘NO’ sometimes, a ‘YES’.

It may be an admission of a really dirty deed – an exposure of a hurt place that won’t cease to bleed.

It’s a single mother’s cry late in the night, with four kids all in bed and no rent money in sight.

The death of a seed so that new life can begin,

The death of a loved one in whose memory you win.

Life is mysterious, but one thing I know – that there is a God from whom all good things flow.

Breakthrough is coming, maybe just not packaged with ribbons and bows.

-Jenn Eze

I wrote this today while pondering breakthrough, and how the Lord has walked me through many breakthroughs and none of them are nearly as glamorous as the Christian culture often makes them out to be. Let’s be real folks – we prophesy to people left and right that breakthrough is coming – as if it is always exclusively coming out of thin air, but the truth is that sometimes breakthrough requires us to ‘break down’, sometimes it requires us doing some not so glamorous things.