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12 tidbits about me


I started my web design company 7 years ago as a single mom of 4 with no money and no car.


I’ve traveled to many countries, but Iceland was my favorite – it was so beautiful I cried.


It’s not unusual for me to have dreams at night about the future.


I took my youngest son and eloped to Africa to marry my Nigerian husband.


Jesus is the center of my life.


I used my spiritual giftings in traditional church settings for several years before I broke out of that box.


I’m half greek, I love the food, but don’t know how to speak the language.


Avocados make me happy – mentally and physically.


I’m a sort of renessiance woman – there’s not much I dont enjoy delving into.


Jesus is the center of my life – to live and love like Him is my hearts desire.


Meditative prayer and worship are as essential for me as the air that I breathe.


I spent most of my 20’s messing up, and my entire 30’s fixing it all.

Hey there, I’m Jenn.

Wild is my nature – freedom is my calling.

I’m a multifaceted mentor – helping to coach people out of the pits of life in the areas of spiritual freedom, life, and business.

I’m composed of equal parts of sweet, serious, and sassy. I’m definately not stuffy or stuck up.

To share with people just like you insights that I have learned through my experiences in life, in business, and in my relationship with God is my hearts desire.

I’m a wife, a mom, entrepreneur, and overcomer. I love to encourage people to push boundaries, and break out of boxes. I guess I could be called a freedom fighter of sorts …

Overcoming a life of addiction, poverty, religion, and rejection taught me things that no amount of schooling ever could.
I learned a lot the hard way – you don’t have to.

Most of all, I’m just a sign, pointing to The Way, The Truth, The Life.

If you would like to contact me you can do so at

I seriously suggest you subscribe to my beloved ‘Insiders’ list below – I really let it all hang out with that great group of boundary breakers – I send them futuristic words, reality checks and just some raw wisdom at times – I promise you’ll love it!