I’m heading into a 40 day social media fast. I normally don’t announce fasts, but I felt led to write about my experience so that others may be encouraged to do the same.

Where I’m at in life: The Lord definitely has me on the cusp of stepping into some things. I would describe this as a time of preparation and spiritual filling up.

Why I feel the Lord is leading me to do this: I follow many great teachers, prophets, etc on my social media accounts. I feel like the primary reason for this fast is to establish a stronger and clearer connection with God so that I can receive His plan and teaching for me in a very personal and direct way in order to avoid confusion. He wants to build my confidence in my relationship with Him, and that is honestly very exciting to me.

A secondary benefit is to clear up time and to increase focus in other areas of my life.

How I feel about this: I’m going to be honest, this 40 days seems like a LONG TIME! Part of me is not wanting to do this which is probably the very reason why I should do this! I would say I probably currently spend about 8-10 hours a week on social media, much of that watching videos and teaching. So I’m really diving deeper into not being ‘spoon fed’, I mean Paul and Peter never had that luxury, right?

Anyhow so I’m just going to blog about my experience. I know there is so much that will happen over the next 40 days, I pray it encourages others to do the same.

Here is to going higher!