I’m just a sign

pointing to

The Way,

The Truth,

& The Life.

Revolutionaries, Arise and Build!

I released a word that the Lord gave to me about a NEW SOUND, and I just really feel the need to explain what I am sensing in the Spirit about that. I know that it is common in the body of Christ for us to have these Christian catch phrases, and so I just really want...

A New Sound

The Lord is releasing a new sound, there has been a disconnection in the Spirit that has inhibited the flow of the river of God, and the Lord said that he is releasing a NEW SOUND. A new sound, and the religious will say that this is weird, this is not how we have...

Quiet Confidence and Being Still in Battle

The Lord has really put on my heart to share about the power in having quiet confidence and being still during times of advancement. I am sensing that there are many who are in this time wondering if they should go engage in battle or if they should just be still. If...

A Company of Seekers

A company of seekers is rising. They are welcoming God's presence and glory into their houses not because of the His benefits, but because they simply love to be with Him. They understand and appreciate the connection of their soul and spirit with the Holy Spirit,...

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